BIG NEWS: Combat Infantry EastFront Expansion Coming in Early 2019!

Pictured: Combat Infantry by Columbia Games

It’s no secret that Combat Infantry is one of my favorite block war games on the market. What’s not to like about a squad level tactical game that actually plays fast and requires only 12 pages of rules?

While I have written about my enthusiasm for this game in the past, I’ve also been a bit surprised that it hasn’t developed a stronger following early on.

It seems that both tactical level war game fans, as well as block game aficionados, have been late arriving to the Combat Infantry (CI) party. Hopefully this will change with some BIG news I’ve just received:

An EastFront expansion for Combat Infantry is on the way!

Early in 2019 Columbia Games will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for this first expansion set in the series. Total number of new (Russian) blocks and maps have not yet been disclosed.

Some may recall that when Combat Infantry itself was Kickstarted in 2017, there was the promise of future expansions for the Eastern Front, North Africa, and even the Pacific Theater. It’s great to see this finally coming to fruition.

Hopefully those who have been on the fence about trying Combat Infantry in the past will now give this outstanding block war game a second look.


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